We provide Insurance advice to hundreds of Medical Professionals.

Our client base enables us to really understand the challenges that Medical Professionals face, and the best ways to manage their risk. We meet with our clients at a time and location of their choosing, very often at their surgeries.

Fundamental to this is knowing that Doctors cannot delegate their roles. If Doctors cannot work they cannot generate income to fund their family’s lifestyle or their asset accumulation strategies. This can have catastrophic results.

We also realise that Doctors invest many years in their careers before they get to the point where they are financially rewarded for their efforts. This makes protecting this hard-earned ability to generate an income and build assets, even more vital.

In the same way as Doctors are specialised in their area, we are specialised in our area. We only advise on Income Protection, Term Life Insurance, Crisis Cover / Medical Catastrophe / Trauma, and Practice Overheads cover.

We know the contracts, we know the industry, and we know how to build your Insurance Portfolio in a way that will protect you and your family. We have delivered claims that have helped change peoples' lives.

Doctors Dr Kushwin Rajamani, Consultant Cardiologist - Client


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