Our Focus


Every day we hear about financial advisers who give you the hard sell and then disappear off the face of the earth. The North City Group will give you a very different kind of experience.

In dealing with us, you are assured of honesty at all times. We tell it to you like it is – the advantages and limitations of different options, and the sorts of issues you should be thinking about. We will never pressure you or tell you what you should do – we simply provide you with all the information needed for you to make an informed decision. 

We will always explain why we are making recommendations. You will understand the relative benefits of one option over another one. We demystify the complexity so that you understand the differences – much of which is in the small print.

Peace of Mind
You can rest easy knowing that an astute and professional team is looking after you. We want to give you peace of mind throughout your life as your needs, circumstances and objectives change. We’re only ever a phone call away.

Just check out our Track Record.

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