What We Offer

We OFFER you:

Transparent advice
We are able to make recommendations with transparent reasoning. We will recommend insurers and products that will be well-suited to your insurance circumstances, needs and objectives, and we will explain why we are selecting this, as opposed to other available policies. We do not work for a particular insurer, we work for you.

Depth of knowledge
We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and we assess the detailed clauses in the contracts to determine which will be most likely to pay you at time of claim. Risk protection is all we do.

We will meet with you in or out of business hours, at a time and location that suits you.

Value for money  
We'll ensure you understand what you're actually getting in exchange for your premium. We will help you avoid the many policies on the market which don't pay out because of small print.

Dedicated ongoing service
We will review and amend your cover as frequently as you would like, as your circumstances, needs and objectives change over time.

Two decades of experience with claims    
We assist our clients in the event of a claim. We have good working relationships with the insurance companies and will help to ensure that your claims experience is as stress-free as possible.